Yes! Right after I left Kazan, Tatarstan (Russia).

The fact that something (again) is happening and changing, I literally felt in my bones, especially in my right knee. And sometimes I still feel, ouch.

Maybe you even read my last post, story, the article – if so, maybe you’ll laugh because I said something out loud again … um. However! It is certainly important what you say out loud, but be sure that even what you think only for yourself, you whisper to yourself …

I worked in Tatarstan for almost 2 and a half years, as a private masseur therapist, yogi, physical educator, trainer…All about the body, mind, spirit.
At that moment, I thought about another year to stay and then I would return to Thailand (to Thailand I first arrived in 2007!)

However, the universe prepared a surprise for me again

Those feelings that something is moving, shifting. THE ENERGY I already know! THAT CALL or whatever it is, and is powerful! Do you understand me? Have you experienced it too?It was clear that something was going on, made especially for me (from the whole universe – thank you)

That day was just weird, weird, weird. I didn’t have energy. I was “tired” of the phone I had to be on, to be reachable. I heard the ring even when the phone didn’t ring (urgh). I’ve never liked this type of communication – I SWEAR! haha. Lifestyle in Russia was too fast for me. Even though I love my work, that day I was somewhere with my thoughts, I don’t even know where, I could not focus, I was just staring … I missed Thailand … very much.

It was the last day in August. That evening I was talking to my friend. And! I was actually surprised by what I was saying! But it was so!
I said … “I don’t want to be here anymore, I don’t want to work here anymore… but I’ll stay. And then I’ll go back to Thailand.” (even though everything was actually fine! I love it there in Kazan! I loved the people I worked with, the people I met….But “THAT CALL!”)

In about 2 hours I injured my right knee, cruciate ligaments (for a second time, otherwise I injured my right leg for the 10th time), my meniscus ruptured … I stayed at home for 2 days in the hope that it would be good … Then it was clear that I needed to see a doctor, they wanted surgical treatments for me, which I didn’t allow at the time. So after 6 weeks, I agreed.

The weather in Tatarstan is pretty cold, snowing begins in September, my knee was getting worse, I couldn’t work, alone at home, temperatures, useless leg, in anxieties, longing for Thailand and “normal island life”.

On November 11, 2015, I flew to hug my mother to the Czech Republic, turned off the ringtone, and returned to Thailand.
That was the first time I came to the island of Koh Phangan, to heal my leg, knee (it took 9months), and also my soul.

And here I am and live! Still with the ringtone turned off but as you can see – in full Virtual Stream…