Nothing but Surya Namaskar



 (Saturday and Sunday)

3 pm – 6 pm Bangkok time zone (GMT+7)

6 hours of knowledge in 2 days



The Complete Sadhana itself


Sadhana means spiritual practice, including visualization, and concentration in advanced stages of practice. You can start with this powerful sadhana at any time even if you are a beginner or an advanced student of Yoga.

From the Darkness to the Light, from the physical practice of asanas to mudras. With Mudras, we dwell in the Human Psyche and enter the feel of meditation. Is not just physical exercise anymore.

It is another level of your spiritual practice, not just a physical practice, but attention to your Inner Body, from exercise to “innercise”. System of healthy living.

In Vedic ancient times, those who worshiped the physical Sun – worshiped that supreme entity.

Tap into your great power even in Modern times, as you step into the classical Sun Salutation and its beautiful original practice decorated by Concentration, Visualization, and Focus on Chakras. Exploration beyond the mind with Biija and Sun Mantra recitation.


What you will learn: 

Classical Surya Namaskar and Asanas in detail

Chakra Localization and Visualization

Biija Mantras

Sun Mantras and its meaning

Theory and Therapeutic Principles


Are you ready to impress your mind and soul?


  • We all are architects of our lives. If you are a beginner in Yoga, you will get cues on how to explore and develop your practice step by step. Yogis, yoga teachers, and therapists on the yoga path will be able to deepen their sadhana and also support the yoga journey of others


  • Exchange of energy €200


  • The workshop will be held via ZOOM. The session gonna be recorded and the link will be shared with all of you, on the same day, for another 48 hours. If you cannot join us at this time, please contact me, and after the payment, the link can be shared with you as well

Please note: this workshop is not just about physical practice, bring your notes as we will dive into the whole ocean of the ancient knowledge


INTERESTED or have any questions? Contact me: [email protected]