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  • 3hours of SURYA NAMASKAR!!!
  • The Complete Sadhana – Spiritual Practice – Itself
  • When? Stay tuned for more details. You can also contact me if interested in private classes or a group leading


In Vedic, ancient times who worshiped the physical Sun – worshiped that supreme entity. 

“Oh Lord lead me from the unreal to the real
From the darkness to the light
From the Death to Immortality”

Tap into your great power as you step to the classical Sun Salutation and its beautiful original practice decorated by Visualisation, Focus on Chakras, Mantra recitation — BHAVA — concentration.

 From the physical practice of asanas to mudras

With Mudras, we dwell in the Human psyche and enter the feel of meditation. Is not just physical exercise anymore.
The natural flow of Prana up and down removes blockages, improves pranic channels, and body functions

It is another level of your spiritual practice, not just a physical practice, but attention to your Inner Body. System of healthy living.
Sun Salutation is a complete Sadhana, spiritual practice, itself (visualization, concentration in advanced stages of practice). You can start with this powerful practice at any time even if you are a beginner or an advanced student of Yoga

The daily routine of 5 -15 minutes, or longer, to obtain a great, significant benefit, enhance social productivity and creativity, generate prana, maintain healthy through 12 asanas, activate the psychic body, and awaken solar aspects of individuals (Pingala Nadii), release vital energy to develop higher awareness, to pursue a higher spiritual goal

Combine effect – compose and maintain energy when physical movement is combined with chakra visualization, stimulation – effect on metabolism, enhance metabolism and energy release, activating chakras through visualization/concentration in a very subtle way – internal awareness. Psychic stimulation enhances PRANA SHAKTII. The dual aspect of taking our mental awareness to a highly charged physical component leads to the fusion of body (mental awareness) and mind (concentration). When we bring those together, we get to ignite Eda and Pingala Nadii awakening, bringing PRANA to Eda and Pingala Nadii.

Surya Namaskar helps you to maintain good physical health as a part of enlightenment.  Preparation for more advanced techniques, for spiritual awakening and awakening of Kundalini
Direct vitalizing effects on the solar energies in our body, which are centered around Manipura Chakra and flow into the Pingala Nadii.

Is also very beneficial for children! As slow down and prevent the degeneration of the Pineal Gland (around the age of 12/13). Brings a Greater Spiritual Awakening and outlook on life

ARE YOU READY to learn with me and experience more of this ANCIENT and POWERFUL ART?

You will learn – Classical Surya Namaskar – 12 asanas, Biija mantra – the seed mantra,12 sun mantras – more advanced practice, therapeutic principles

Notice – If you need me to pay special attention to you and tailor a way of your practice, please book a call or private class with me

The world of technology is not always reliable and I am happy to release the video by the …….(3 days before our Live Call). Theory video and also asana practice. So you will have plenty of time to enjoy that start and your journey! I encourage you to take your own notes and also you are very welcome to prepare Q&A and send me via email. Those Q will be answered on our Live Call, or if requested, answered privately by email. A short video of Classical Surya Namaskar will be shared for a lifetime, also a brief manual and Chakra drawings.

We also going to practice Shavasana – the Corpse Pose. A recording for this deep relaxation will be shared for a lifetime

Live Call  …………….., 3 pm Bangkok time, 90 minutes. Surya Namaskar practice & guidance via Zoom. Make sure to have 90 minutes and a yoga mat. Our Live Call going to be recorded and the link shared 3 days after our Live Call


Take the responsibility into your own hands and enjoy this workshop for only $  until ……….!

By the …………….. for $  per one person!

Please add fees to the price
Payment via Transferwise 

There is no possibility of a refund, due to the multi-day possibility to see the video at any time, on certain days. If you really can’t attend the workshop, you can find a replacement instead of yourself.

High blood pressure, coronary, artery disease, damaged heart, weak heart, or weak blood vessel (not fast, but only a slow manner of a practice), in case of hernia, tuberculosis, menses (slow pace of practice)
Pregnancy – until the end of 12week, then a modified slowed version. After childbirth –          restrengthen uttering muscles – 40 days after delivery. Kaoshikii dance is very good – throughout the whole pregnancy, after recovery – 40 days after childbirth