Yoga Nidra

The Yogic Sleep


I’m delighted to tell you that I provide transformative audio of

YOGA NIDRA GUIDED MEDITATION in English and in the Czech language

You are very welcome to listen to the short demo and keep reading about this real





  • All you have to do in YOGA NIDRA is lie down on your back, adopt the pose called Shavasana – the Corpse Pose, and listen to my voice, to my instructions
  • It is also important to make sure you won’t be disturbed during that time of your practice
  • You don’t want to concentrate on Yoga Nidra. You want to relax. Then the door of your personality can open. Unlocked doors of your personality will open and you will start to express a certain aspect of yourself, of which you may have been totally unaware.


Yes, YOGA NIDRA is a real ART OF RELAXATION. The way how to relax consciously and the way how to consciously enter the subconscious mind.

OGIC SLEEP is very different from regular sleep. It is a spiritual relaxation – a higher spiritual level, where you relax into the self, deeper self, inner essence, and true self.

In Yoga Nidra we remain awake and aware, it is a STATE OF DYNAMIC SLEEP. Complete physical, mental and spiritual relaxation. One appears to be sleeping, but the consciousness is functioning at a far deeper level of awareness.


In this practice we develop memory, increasing knowledge and creativity. Transform once nature.


The mind is exceptionally receptive. The intuition we received during Yoga Nidra can find answers to all problems within yourself


You can get diseases cured and your creative genius can be restored. Receptivity can get improve also your muscular, emotional, and mental tension


Yoga Nidra AUDIO/60 minutes

PRICE: €130

 Your price for consultation – 20 min / €15 


  • I will also share with you more details about Yoga Nidra and its practice


Email me if you have any further questions, and I very look forward to hearing from you!


READ and listen to demo: 

Yogic Sleep