Before you go to surgery, you might want to explore the YOGIC APPROACH – MIND BASED.

No bed rest, is counterproductive, we can get rid of back pain by movement – JUST MOVE INTO IT!

WE MUST PAY ATTENTION TO OUR BREATH. Breathe slowly and deeply leads to muscle relaxation. The more relaxed the muscles, the less tension, the less stiffness in the muscle, and the less pain.

THE AWARENESS IS CRUCIAL IN THE YOGIC APPROACH – many people with a bad posture are completely unaware of what they are doing. That they are in a bad posture. The way we are sitting in the chair, on the couch, standing… WE MUST BRING AWARENESS TO OUR SPINE, to our posture, to our back. Try to maintain a good posture at all times.

We want to include mindfulness, meditation, and asanas. It is very effective for chronic pain…


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