Nasal Cleansing Yogic Practice

Yoga has incredibly powerful techniques for us!
All that is required is to TAKE AN ACTION!

Did you know about the Benefits of NETI POT if used properly?
> cleans off dirt and bacteria, remove excess mucous, allow free-breathing, reduce snoring
> relieve nasal dryness
> reduce/heal allergies
> reduce cold and flu symptoms
> cooling, soothing effect on the mind
> alleviate headache, help in migraines, epilepsy, extreme anger, reduce depression and mental tension
> help with infections, ear infections, tinnitus, eye infections
> improve a sense of smell and taste
> beneficially affects pineal, pituitary gland, and third eye
> stimulate vision/eyesight and concentration
> help to stop smoking, help with addictions
> balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
> balance breath and Nadiis (Ida/Pingala)
> great effect on physical and mental health